The STDC facilitates the coordination of public transportation services through regional planning. STDC works with transit operators to: improve to the delivery of transportation services; generate efficiencies in operation/increase levels of service; encourage cooperation and coordination; and the develop the regional coordination plan which outlines services and projects implemented in the STDC region.

Transportation Steering Committee

The steering committee serves to provide feedback and experience as well as identify and outline projects that can be implemented through out the course of several years by the transit providers in region in order to improve service delivery to clients. The STDC Steering Committee  along with the STDC staff outline the goals and objectives to be accomplished throughout the planning year along with reasonable deadlines to accomplish the various tasks established. All items generated by the Transportation Steering Committee, are considered by the Board of Directors for approval. 

South Texas Regional Planning Organization

STDC is currently in the process of establishing a Regional Planning Organization under TEA-21 legislation, which calls for state departments of transportation to work with official in non-metropolitan areas when making transportation planning and programming decisions. The RPO’s function will be to serve as a forum for communication between state transportation agencies and local non-metropolitan governments and develop the region’s priority list of transportation projects.

Regional Transportation Plan Update available for download.
Updated Five-Year Coordinated Public Transit-Health and Human Service Transportation Plan

the state planning website please visit:

Title VI

The South Texas Development Council of Governments is fully compliant with Title VI requirements set by the Federal Transit Administration. The 2017 Update of the STDC Title VI Plan has been approved by the STDC Executive Board on June 30, 2017.

Title VI Plan Update 

Approved STDC Title VI Plan

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