Homeland Security Emergency Preparedness Program

Homeland Security Regional Planning Program

The STDC Homeland Security Planning Program oversees the planning, grant management and administration and coordination of various programs related to Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Alongside regional planning, program staff from the Council of Government (COG) assist local jurisdictions with local projects and local planning.

State Homeland Security Program (SHSP)

  • COG manages and administers grant programs.
  • Grant program has funded the previous projects related to:
    • Regional Communications System;
    • Planning Program;
    • Purchase of radio communications equipment;
    • SWAT Gear; and
    • Bomb Squad Unit

2023 SHSP Grant Application Workshop Materials:

  1. 2022 National Priority Areas
  2. 2022 STDC SPR
  3. 2022 STDC THIRA
  4. 2023 HSSP Implementation Plan STDC
  5. Project Narrative Descriptions
  6. STDC Risk Methodology-FY2022
  7. Texas HSSP Goals and Objectives 2021-2025
  8. 2021 HSSP Objective List, Regional Priorities
  9. STDC 2023 SHSP Grant Application Workshop PowerPoint

Homeland Security Planning Program

Program Staff:

  • Develops, updates, and assesses Regional Threat and Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (THIRA), State Preparedness Report (SPR), and Implementation Plan.
  • Facilitates workshops to gather data through risk assessments and scenario analysis to target the 32 core capabilities under the National Preparedness Goal.
  • Participate and provides support for any local planning activities.
  • Facilitates and coordinates regional trainings.

Emergency Management Planning

Program Staff:

  • Assists local jurisdictions with the update and submittal of local Emergency Operation Plans (EOPs).
  • Works with local jurisdictions with emergency management planning needs.
  • Facilitates and coordinates the development and update of Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plans for counties within Region 19.

Committees Under the Homeland Security Planning Program:

Homeland Security Advisory Committee (HSAC)

  • Composed of 12 members representing 12 jurisdictions within Region 19.
  • Program staff coordinates and manages Committee’s agendas and meetings.
  • Committee conducts the regional prioritization of grants and selects regional priorities.

South Texas Interoperable Communications Governance Committee (STICGC)

  • Composed of 5 communication tower site owners within Region 19.
  • Program staff coordinates and manages Committee’s agendas and meetings
  • Program staff facilitates workshops to update Regional SOPs, Multi-jurisdictional MOUs, SWIC focus group reports, etc.
  • Program staff manages and administers communications contracts for the maintenance, management and sustainment of the Regional Communications System.


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John Keiser

Program Manager

Lupita Trinidad

Homeland Security