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Mission Statement

South Texas Development Council is focused on providing a cost effective means to plan, coordinate, and implement regional strategies that will improve the health, safety, and general welfare of our communities.

About STDC

The South Texas Development Council (STDC) was organized in 1956 to serve local governments in its four county region (Webb, Jim Hogg, Starr, and Zapata), also known as State Planning Region 19. STDC is the regional planning com mission organized under Chapter 391 ,Local Government Code, and is one of 24 regional planning com missions within the State ofTexas.

A council of governments is deļ¬ned by law as a political subdivision of the state, but it has no regulatory power or the authority possessed by cities, counties, or other local governments. As a political subdivision, councils of governments are subject to state laws governing open meetings, access to public records, and conduct of public officials.

The primary focus of STDC is to serve as advocate, planner, and coordinator of initiatives that, when undertaken on a regional basis, can be more effective and efficient. These include homeland security, elderly assistance, law enforcement training, criminal justice planning, solid waste management, health services outreach and assistance, infrastructure development, economic analysis, transportation and regional planning, community and economic development, census data, and HIV services.


Annual Reporting

Robert Mendiola

Executive Director

Maria Jimenez

Fiscal Officer

Janie Rodriguez

Accounting Assistant

Alondra Garcia

Administrative Technician
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